Presenter Training

Want to be the next big YouTuber or podcaster? Or you want to present better at conferences or be a keynote speaker? Together, we'll help you achive your best.

Live presenting for keynote speakers,  conference speakers, public appearances, after-dinner speaking:

  • We’ll help you develop your presentating style, confidence and image.
  • As with all our courses this is interactive, fun and can be tailored to a specific event.
  • Understanding your audience
  • Building your confidence
  • Helping you prepare
  • Answering questions
  • How to best use Powerpoint
  • Body Language
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Presenting on Social Networks

Whether it's YouTube, TikTok or Facebook we'll teach you the presenting tricks that'll get you views, increase followers and get you fans.

Our ‘Presenting on socials’ workshop covers:

  • Present confidently in front of the camera
  • Hosting ‘talk show’ style programmes
  • Professional but fun ‘Image development’ in front of the camera
  • Body language
  • Telling your story effectively
  • How to ad-lib confidently 

Coaching for TV pundits, analysts & co-commentators

As a successful sportsman or woman you’re a positive addition to any TV sports presenting team, but do you have the appropriate skills to make it a success?

As a pundit you’ll need different skills from those needed as an interviewee. So our TV punditry course includes:

  • An introduction to how TV and radio operate
  • What is expected of you as a pundit/analyst
  • Talking to time
  • Taking instructions through an earpiece
  • How to turn your knowledge into succinct story-telling
  • Your image and how to market yourself