Corporate Media Training

Communicating well is a vital skill in business. Whether you're facing the media in a crisis or addressing staff we can help you be slicker. Our 'Media-training day' offers a great team-building event for staff. 

Our workshops for businesses include:

  • Developing and delivering your key messages.
  • Interview techniques for TV and radio
  • Dealing with hostile interviews
  • Delivery, body language and nerves
  • Facing a press conference
  • How the media works; from how a journalist thinks to how a story gets on air.
  • The tricks of the journalist’s trade and how to spot them.
  • Making the media work for you and your organisation.

Our “Corporate Media Day”:

  • Designed for maximum fun for even the most reluctant and reticent members of your team!
  • The focus is team-building and confidence boosting
  • Staff will act as TV Presenters, reporters and be interviewed for the news
  • More seriously, the day is designed to highlight issues with internal messaging