Sports Media Training

We prepare athletes, sports federations and events for the 24/7 media age through a series of interactive, fun workshops and bespoke presentations. See below for our specific courses and workshops:

Workshops for Athletes

Whether you're an elite athlete, a University sports scholar or coming through the youth ranks our workshops are tailored to your needs.

Athlete’s workshop will include:

  • How the media works; from how a journalist thinks to how a story gets on air.
  • How to make the media work for you and your sponsors.
  • Mixed zone & post-match/race interviews tailored to the athlete’s particular sport and discipline.
  • Dealing with ‘hostile’ interviews.
  • Delivery, body language and BEING YOURSELF!
  • Detailed feedback on each athlete’s interview, performance and areas to improve.
  • Our workshops will fit in with your busy training schedules.

Workshops for Sports Federations, teams, events

We work with event teams as well as individuals from CEOs to coaches. See below for more details of our workshops:

Workshops for sports federations, teams, events:

  • How the media works; from how a journalist thinks to how a story gets on air.
  • The tricks of the journalist’s trade and how to spot them.
  • Making the media work for you and your organisation.
  • Developing and delivering your key messages.
  • Interview techniques for TV and radio
  • Dealing with hostile interviews
  • Delivery, body language and nerves
  • Facing a press conference

Coaching for TV analysts, pundits & co-commentators

As a successful sportsman or woman you’re a positive addition to any TV sports presenting team, but do you have the appropriate skills to make it a success?

As a pundit you’ll need different skills from those needed as an interviewee. So our TV punditry course includes:

  • An introduction to how TV and radio operate
  • What is expected of you as a pundit/analyst
  • Talking to time
  • Taking instructions through an earpiece
  • How to turn your knowledge into succinct story-telling
  • Your image and how to market yourself