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Sports Media Training

We prepare sportsmen and women, sports federations and events for the 24/7 media age through a series of interactive, fun workshops and bespoke presentations. Together, we’ll identify your needs and create the most suitable coaching package.

The details below are examples of what we can provide.

TV and radio coaching

TV and radio coaching will include an introduction to how the sports media operates and how to make it work for you and your sponsors. In the workshops we’ll cover the many different types of interviews an athlete is likely to face and we’ll give you masses of confidence-building feedback to help with content, body language, nerves and BEING YOURSELF (we do not believe sportsmen and women should become bland clones!).

There are additional coaching elements for sports federations such as messaging, hostile interviews and organising a press conference.

Sports Media Training

“We feel it’s important for sportsmen and women to be all-rounders. ESM Coaching ran a series of training days that worked on several levels – our sailors brushed up their interview techniques but also learnt how to maximise exposure for themselves and their sponsors”

Simon Clegg

CEO, Whitecap Ltd

Social Media

Print/Social media

Print/Social media – Love it or hate it, social media is a key access tool to your fans and sponsors. Get it wrong and you’ll never be allowed to forget it. Our coaching includes comprehensive tips on staying safe and savvy online. We’ll cover the tricks of the print journalist’s trade and show you how 10 minutes with a national newspaper journalist might look in the next day’s paper.

“We asked Elite Sports Media to coach our athletes ahead of the Commonwealth Games and prepare them for the media glare that is created by a big international multi-event competition. The course fitted in around the athletes’ schedules and they thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Dame Kelly Holmes

“Alec ran a 2 day media training course for department heads. We had a variety of previous media experience but everyone learnt something new. The afternoon spent in fictitious press conferences was gruelling! Nonetheless we’ve already booked regular refresher sessions”


Volvo Ocean Race

Pundits/studio analysts

Pundits/studio analysts – As a successful sportsman or woman you’re a positive addition to any TV sports presenting team, but do you have the appropriate skills to make it a success?
As a pundit you’ll need different skills from those needed as an interviewee. Talking to time, taking instructions through an earpiece, giving succinct analysis…just a few skills we’ll teach you on our punditry course.

If you’re exploring the idea of becoming a pundit get in touch and we’ll happily discuss it in confidence.


“After retiring I wanted to perform as well in the media as I did on the football field. Alec worked with me before appearances on Sports Personality of the Year, Strictly and SoccerAM. We’ve also spent time developing my TV punditry skills. He pushed me hard but it was a good laugh. More footballers should try doing this training.”

Fabrice Muamba


Online courses

We have partnered with online learning portal Sports Path to create the first online media-training course for football coaches. It provides 15 hours of online learning and is available here

It is the first step in our plan to offer our courses online for in-the-home or office learning.

“Enjoyable, easily navigated online and the depth of various footage to study/learn from was excellent. Feedback from Alec was excellent and very helpful”

“Overall a good course and I will recommend it to my coaching staff”


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For all enquiries please email info@esmcoaching.co.uk