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Your federation is justly proud of the sport it represents but how can you improve its media coverage? On what should you spend your precious media budget? How can you maximise ROI for your sponsors and events? Or are you a TV production company looking to expand your sports portfolio?

Our consultancy team has in-depth knowledge of the sports media industry and most importantly some bulging contacts books. Our experience covers event media rights, distribution, host broadcast production, news production & distribution, TV/media tenders.

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Crisis media plans

Things were going so well until something went wrong…you have a crisis on your hands and you’re dealing with it (rather well, even if you say so yourself!) so why are the media savaging your organisation? Chances are you’ve been so busy sorting out the crisis that nobody has had time to sort out the media. That’s why a Media Crisis Plan is so important.

Working with you we will help identify crisis scenarios that may affect your organisation and build a media plan around them. This includes holding statements, likely Q&As, an overview of what the media will expect and demand and prepare you for press conferences. We also organise full simulation exercises so your staff know what to expect.

Simulation exercises for Media Crisis Plans

Let us create chaos! Test your Media Crisis Plan and your frontline staff with a day of simulated scenarios unique to your organisation. Our multi-media journalists and crews will test your statements, press conferences, interviews, and communications techniques. We’ll also throw in some unexpected ‘developments’ to test your decision-making under pressure. A full debrief takes place at the end of the day.

“A round the world yacht race carries inherent dangers. ESM coaching worked closely with our security and communications departments to develop a media crisis plan. Their unique insight was an eye-opener into the ways of the media.”

Jack Lloyd

Race Director, Volvo Ocean Race

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