Corporate Media Training

As our name suggests, our original focus was to help the sports world perform better in the media but very soon corporate sponsors were also asking for our help. Since then our journalists have provided coaching to the British Army, NATO, the financial, insurance and pharmaceutical sectors as well as public service bodies.

We prepare clients for the 24/7 media age through a series of interactive workshops and bespoke presentations. We fully test your messaging and explain how to deal with the most awkward of situations. Together, we’ll identify your needs and create the most suitable coaching package.

The details below are examples of what we can provide.

TV and radio coaching

TV and radio coaching will include an introduction to the current media landscape and how best to make the media work for your organisation. We’ll cover the many different types of interviews you may face and build your confidence through personal feedback and interactive workshops.


Print/online media

Print/online media – We look at the crossover between print and online journalism. We’ll cover the tricks of the print journalist’s trade and show you how 10 minutes with a national newspaper journalist might look in the next day’s paper. We show you examples of good and bad interviews and test your corporate messaging. No matter how sensitive your story, we’ll give you the confidence to handle any interview.

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